Equipment list:
-  Clean beaker (450 ml)              [Quantity:4]
-  Test tubes (Large)                    [Quantity:4]
-  Water (250 ml)                         [Quantity:4]
-  Measuring Cylinder                 [Quantity:1]      
-  Black Box                                [Quantity:4]

Set Up (Planned) :

Set Up (Actual) 


1) Fill up test-tube and beakers with Bi-Carbonate solution. Make sure all test tubes and beakers have the  same amount of solution.

2) Place the water plant gently into the glass funnel , and place it in the  beaker with Bi-Carbonate solution . Make sure that the water plant is in the funnel.

3) Tilt the test-tube, filled with bi -carbonate solution over and place it over the glass funnel(which is in the beaker) , making sure that the test tube completely covers the funnel. Do this by placing your thumb at the opening of the test tube  and release your thumb once your test-tube is in the solution.Move the test tube to be place over the funnel . Make sure no air bubbles enter the test tube.

4)  Place the entire set-up into the black box and cover it up.

5) Wait a set time frame to check on the plant.

6) When checking, be sure to be in a dark room before opening the black box, so as to prevent additional sunlight for the plant.

7) Record the data in the research data section in a table.

Steps for recording data : 
1) Move to eye level to look at the water level.

2) Take a marker, and mark the water level at eye level. 

3) Take a ruler, and measure with the 0cm marking aligned and placed at the marking. 

4) Record the marking, if there are 2 markings, measure difference between them and record it into the table.


Identify any potential risks and safety precautions to be taken.

1.    As this experiment involves handling fragile apparatus  like beakers and test tubes, we will have to be extra careful when handling items.

2.    As this experiment involves handling water, it is very easy to cause spillage and damage equipment like cameras. Therefore, we will put all cameras and electronics further away from the set up at all times.

3. As this experiment involves fragile plants, we have to be extra careful when handling the plants as it may break.

4. As this experiment involves electricity to power the lights, we must be extra careful not to spill water on it and cause an electrical shock.

Plant Set-up

Boxes (Blue and Red)

Boxes (White and Green)

Green Light

White Light

Blue Light

Red Light

Taking Data (Experiment 1)

Taking Data (Test 1)

Taking Data (Test 1)

Taking Data ( Test 1)

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